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We are providing some online services to support mobility developers. Deploy your iOS, Android and UWP In-House Apps seamlessly and without using online stores like Apple Appstore . Just upload your iOS Package (IPA File), Android Package (APK File) or UWP Package. then distribute the download links

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We Provide These Services

Hosting Mobility Packages

Aren't you able to upload your Mobility package to Appstore due it its review process and restrictions. We can fix the situation for you and do provide hosting your developed mobility packages in our online system. to distribute it between your customers seamlessly.

Generating Distribution Links

You can use our online system to generate download links and distribute it to your customers so they can install your applications.

Sending Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to all iOS devices running your application. you can either use the online form or the push notifications service

Enterprise Private App Store
Coming Soon

We'll provide you with the service to build a private online store for your enterprise so you can distribute and publish your internal applications

Hosting Web Servcies
Coming Soon

Need to host and publish your service online without buying a host plan, so all you need is to submit your service files and database files if there is any. currently we're supporting IIS and MS SQL Server database

More Services To Come Soon


Rich Set Of Features & More

Different Download Links

Our system can generate a rich set if download links that can be used as per the customer's needs. these links are per application or per a specific version.

Random Download Links

Coming Soon

System will generate a random temporary links that will be expired after a specific period of time.

QR Code

Users can use scan the generated QR codes to simplify accessing the download links.

Password Protected

Coming Soon

Your links will be protected by password or pin code, so that you can manage the users you want to install it.

Huge Application Size

You can upload large application packages up to 500 MB per package.

Distribute Your In-House Apps Without Appstore

You can use our servies to distribute your internally developed apps without Appstore, without Google Play Store and without Microsoft Windows Store


How To Use It

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1) Deploy / Upload Package

Deploy or Upload your package file for iOS (.ipa file), for Android (.apk file) or UWP file

3) Distribute

Distribute the links / QR Code to all your customers so that they can install it to their mobile / tablet devices such as iPad, iPhone, windows devices and android devices

5) Push

Send push notifications to all iOS devices running your application.

2) Generate

Generate the download links.

4) Download

Use the links to download/install the application on the mobility devices.


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A monthly subscription for hosting your applications
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A yearly subscription for hosting your applications
(unlimited number of applications)


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